Enough room for mistakes…

A mistake here and a mistake there…

Open the door

Another mistake awaits

Blunder, inaccuracy, defaults are the other words, they say…


“Oh my god! The world is a mistake”

Yet the General says,

“No room for mistakes”

Then how should ‘miss perfect’ learn from other mistakes?


Name a person, I say

Who hasn’t added more mistakes everyday?

And I shall bless thy with the past life mystery…


Fools and Moron are those

Who say, “Na! me not made for mistakes”


Dear sir, hear me once and for all…

Very nook and corner of my room

Has a mistake… and

I arnt scared of error, the synonym dictionary says

I only wait for the time

When I can buy a bigger room and fill it with more mistakes



What goes around comes around

I know this post is going to be a little confusing…but few things are not meant to be told, but just felt…I wish my writing can help u feel what I did, at that very movement…

Yes indeed I am struck where I started from. Somehow circumstances, environment, company and situation have always managed to push in the past. No, I am not proud of the dark nook-corner of my past, and if I start to explain you the reason why these exist, then you would say I am just making things up to save my soul; just coming up with stupid excuse to find my way out.

Recently circumstances have brought me back again to that one way road, I have been trying to avoid. But then I have to bear it yet again, go through it and indeed remember it. No matter what I do, I always end my shedding my tear on it…on the past…why can’t people let it be. WHY?

Is my past more important then what I am? This person I have become. Is it important to know why and how I came to be what I am today? Am I so unimportant to you than what I feel and the condition that I am will be after that doesn’t make any difference to you? Do I deserve such selfishness…

Yes, I loved every person, I was with and yes, we did have our special movement. I promised to love them through the ups and the down and yes I meant it, when I said I love you to them and every time I said it.

And yes it’s my fault that I wasn’t a cunning bitch… I wish I was… I wish I could manipulate people and break others heart rather than my own heart. Indeed it did be better if other would have cried instead of me. It did be better…