Why is Maharashtra a preferred investment destination?

The state of Maharashtra, woven together by a single language ‘Marathi’ was established on 1st May 1960. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa on the other, it forms the third largest state by area in India. According to the UNCTADs World Investment Report in Trans National Corporations (TNCs), Maharashtra is ahead of all other Indian states in attracting foreign investment. As per official statistics, the state of Maharashtra contributes to about 50% of India’s foreign trade and has the highest FDI approvals in the country. Also with 77% of the population falling in the literate category, the state offers quality trained manpower for its huge industrial empire.

Divided into 35 districts, the state offers great business opportunity. Due to superior infrastructure and innumerable investment opportunities, Maharashtra has established its strength in most sectors, like Engineering, Electronics Hardware, Automobiles and Auto Components, Consumer Durables, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Biotechnology etc. Hence the credit of Maharashtra being the preferred investment destination can be directly attributed to Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation or MIDC.

Due to the concentrated efforts of MIDC in achieve balanced industrial development throughout the state, a factory in Maharashtra produces 37% more output and add 51% more value than a factory set up in any other part of the country. MIDC’s endeavors in improving and developing world class infrastructure and facilitating entrepreneurs in setting up businesses, has established Maharashtra as the largest economy in India. It has also given Maharashtra an edge over other states in terms of industrial output, value addition and employment.

With the help of various project, activities and incentive schemes by MIDC various companies like Bharat forge, Whirlpool, SIEMENS, Indica and many other have set up their production plants and offices in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra offers great potential for growth. With one of its kind intra-city railways forming the backbone of the state, it is one of the most well connected states in India. Each of the areas in Maharashtra offers something unique and special. The key areas in Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur etc have truly contributed to making Maharashtra a great state. Thus, Maharashtra on the whole is a fascinating state and offers great potential for the future. So invest in Maharashtra and take your business to a new and improved height.