Four walls

Knock knock…is that where I am

Four walls around me

Define the way

I ought to be

The tears in my eyes

The freedom flies by

The books I want to read

Are empty…

Written somewhere

Is what the four walls want me to be

Don’t ask me why I live in the four walls

I have no option

The phone bells rings

And my mind refuses to ink

The call signifies the walls

But I want to fly

Will the walls understands

The heart that fly

Paves ways to nothing at all

The need to sing

Is now dead



Single woe

Lucky are those

who have someone

to love, to care;

to speak, to share;

to touch, to feel;

The intimate intricacies

The lover’s delight,

two bodies and one soul.

The touch so pure,

even a stars glow.

The words humming light,

the body shivers when tight.

If you really care,

Adventure lies ahead.

Be careless ,

the nightmare leashes.

The heart beat for

that one exception,

it believes.

Other are destroyed for eternity.