Women And Technology

I was reading Priya Ramani’s First Cut in The Mint. This week’s First Cut focused on ‘Love, Sex and Dhokha’ in the article – “Being naked in new India”. Few lines that caught my attention in that article are, “The male gaze gets more aggressive every day. Introduce technology and the combination is dynamite, especially in an India which juggles multiple worlds.”

Its true men are technologist. Give men the ‘latest’ and they will strip it apart much faster than women. Yes there are very few women how are good at technology. Well it’s a shame but I don’t consider myself in that league.

My colleague Alok cracked a joke about how useless a phone with internet connection is to a woman. To be honest, yes my phone is GPS enabled and I would love it if I could excess the internet on it…but the dam aircel pocket internet doesn’t work on it. (It’s not an excuse I did everything in my power to make it work …lol)

Coming back to the point that I want to drive in this blog post; women need to get comfortable with technology. If technology can be used to make ‘pornography’ then it can also be used to expose those who make such film. If innocent lives are ruined because some men have dirty minds, then a lot of innocent lives can be saved by carefully choosing the man you are going to marry (run a google search on him, approach Emotional Atyachar). Sting operations are not only a media tactic, but one can use it as primary evidence in court against domestic violence, extortion, against blackmailing etc. (The camera aren’t even that expensive, a pen camera is as cheap as Rs. 1000).

Women need to know how they can effectively use their mobile phone with cam to combat eve teasing, expose corruption etc. They need to understand and effectively use the term ‘UGC (User generated content)’ and ‘Citizen Journalism’.

But Why Only Women
Well women are more active when in comes to social activity. There is a famous saying which goes something like this, “If you want the world to be peaceful then women must be made the defense minister, as they would never allow their sons to go to war.” Women are the building block in a society, caretaker of their family and are epitome of love, sacrifice and selflessness.

So women don’t detest technology love it and friend it …

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