Why is Maharashtra a preferred investment destination?

The state of Maharashtra, woven together by a single language ‘Marathi’ was established on 1st May 1960. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa on the other, it forms the third largest state by area in India. According to the UNCTADs World Investment Report in Trans National Corporations (TNCs), Maharashtra is ahead of all other Indian states in attracting foreign investment. As per official statistics, the state of Maharashtra contributes to about 50% of India’s foreign trade and has the highest FDI approvals in the country. Also with 77% of the population falling in the literate category, the state offers quality trained manpower for its huge industrial empire.

Divided into 35 districts, the state offers great business opportunity. Due to superior infrastructure and innumerable investment opportunities, Maharashtra has established its strength in most sectors, like Engineering, Electronics Hardware, Automobiles and Auto Components, Consumer Durables, Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Biotechnology etc. Hence the credit of Maharashtra being the preferred investment destination can be directly attributed to Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation or MIDC.

Due to the concentrated efforts of MIDC in achieve balanced industrial development throughout the state, a factory in Maharashtra produces 37% more output and add 51% more value than a factory set up in any other part of the country. MIDC’s endeavors in improving and developing world class infrastructure and facilitating entrepreneurs in setting up businesses, has established Maharashtra as the largest economy in India. It has also given Maharashtra an edge over other states in terms of industrial output, value addition and employment.

With the help of various project, activities and incentive schemes by MIDC various companies like Bharat forge, Whirlpool, SIEMENS, Indica and many other have set up their production plants and offices in Maharashtra.

Maharashtra offers great potential for growth. With one of its kind intra-city railways forming the backbone of the state, it is one of the most well connected states in India. Each of the areas in Maharashtra offers something unique and special. The key areas in Maharashtra like Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, and Nagpur etc have truly contributed to making Maharashtra a great state. Thus, Maharashtra on the whole is a fascinating state and offers great potential for the future. So invest in Maharashtra and take your business to a new and improved height.


What goes around comes around

I know this post is going to be a little confusing…but few things are not meant to be told, but just felt…I wish my writing can help u feel what I did, at that very movement…

Yes indeed I am struck where I started from. Somehow circumstances, environment, company and situation have always managed to push in the past. No, I am not proud of the dark nook-corner of my past, and if I start to explain you the reason why these exist, then you would say I am just making things up to save my soul; just coming up with stupid excuse to find my way out.

Recently circumstances have brought me back again to that one way road, I have been trying to avoid. But then I have to bear it yet again, go through it and indeed remember it. No matter what I do, I always end my shedding my tear on it…on the past…why can’t people let it be. WHY?

Is my past more important then what I am? This person I have become. Is it important to know why and how I came to be what I am today? Am I so unimportant to you than what I feel and the condition that I am will be after that doesn’t make any difference to you? Do I deserve such selfishness…

Yes, I loved every person, I was with and yes, we did have our special movement. I promised to love them through the ups and the down and yes I meant it, when I said I love you to them and every time I said it.

And yes it’s my fault that I wasn’t a cunning bitch… I wish I was… I wish I could manipulate people and break others heart rather than my own heart. Indeed it did be better if other would have cried instead of me. It did be better…

Barclays Premier League Announces Winner Shortlist


Barclays, title sponsor of the Barclays Premier League, announces today, the final shortlist of ten entries from as far afield as Singapore, India, Ghana and Australia for the ‘Barclays Around the World in 90 Minutes‘ global fan competition, which set out to find the best Barclays Premier League match-day experience anywhere in the world. The ten best entries can all be viewed at http://www.barclaysfootball.com

The competition which ran between February and April has seen an overwhelming response from thousands of fans worldwide who shared their own unique match-day rituals. The entries included photos, audio clips, videos and written entries as fans aimed to prove that their experience is better than all others.

The final shortlist includes some fantastic footage from Edward Ofori in Ghana, which show fans gathering at a corn mill shop to watch a Barclays Premier League match. Neil Lohse’s video entry depicts his daughter’s experience as she stays awake all night to watch Arsenal with her dad, while Han Li Teo shows why his favourite bar in Kuala Lumpur has become the best place to follow Chelsea.

The winning entry is being chosen by the competition’s judging panel, which includes Barclays Premier League legend Marcel Desailly and global football commentator Martin Tyler. The winner will be announced in May 2010 and will receive a trip for two to watch their favourite Barclays Premier League team play live in the UK.

Marcel Desailly said: “The response from fans and the range of entries that we’ve received from so many countries is fantastic. It once again shows the passion and excitement that is generated by the Barclays Premier League around the world. It’s going to be really difficult to choose a winner as a lot of effort and thought has gone into these entries to bring their match-day experience to life.”

Shortlisted entrants in the ‘Barclays Around the World in 90 Minutes’ competition have the opportunity to win:

A trip for two to watch their favourite Barclays Premier League team play live in the UK during the 2010/11 season. The prize includes: travel, 4 star hotel accommodation, tickets and transfers
£500 in spending money
25 runners-up will also receive a Barclays Premier League team shirt of their choice.
Barclays Premier League

The Barclays Premier League broadcasts 380 games to more than 500 million homes in over 200 countries worldwide. Additionally, 13.5 million fans attended Barclays Premier League matches during the 2008/9 season.

For more information visit: http://www.barclayspremierleague.com

Barclays – Key Statistics

Barclays is a major global financial services provider engaged in retail banking, credit cards, corporate banking, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services, with an extensive international presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. With over 300 years of history and expertise in banking, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs approximately 144,000 people. Barclays moves, lends, invests and protects money for over 49 million customers and clients worldwide. For further information about Barclays, please visit our website http://www.barclays.com

Women And Technology

I was reading Priya Ramani’s First Cut in The Mint. This week’s First Cut focused on ‘Love, Sex and Dhokha’ in the article – “Being naked in new India”. Few lines that caught my attention in that article are, “The male gaze gets more aggressive every day. Introduce technology and the combination is dynamite, especially in an India which juggles multiple worlds.”

Its true men are technologist. Give men the ‘latest’ and they will strip it apart much faster than women. Yes there are very few women how are good at technology. Well it’s a shame but I don’t consider myself in that league.

My colleague Alok cracked a joke about how useless a phone with internet connection is to a woman. To be honest, yes my phone is GPS enabled and I would love it if I could excess the internet on it…but the dam aircel pocket internet doesn’t work on it. (It’s not an excuse I did everything in my power to make it work …lol)

Coming back to the point that I want to drive in this blog post; women need to get comfortable with technology. If technology can be used to make ‘pornography’ then it can also be used to expose those who make such film. If innocent lives are ruined because some men have dirty minds, then a lot of innocent lives can be saved by carefully choosing the man you are going to marry (run a google search on him, approach Emotional Atyachar). Sting operations are not only a media tactic, but one can use it as primary evidence in court against domestic violence, extortion, against blackmailing etc. (The camera aren’t even that expensive, a pen camera is as cheap as Rs. 1000).

Women need to know how they can effectively use their mobile phone with cam to combat eve teasing, expose corruption etc. They need to understand and effectively use the term ‘UGC (User generated content)’ and ‘Citizen Journalism’.

But Why Only Women
Well women are more active when in comes to social activity. There is a famous saying which goes something like this, “If you want the world to be peaceful then women must be made the defense minister, as they would never allow their sons to go to war.” Women are the building block in a society, caretaker of their family and are epitome of love, sacrifice and selflessness.

So women don’t detest technology love it and friend it …

Also visit http://bit.ly/aRgdYy

Work at Nite

oh my my,
wat fell on my laps
tat my dream are far
from my sight…
eeessh search them n
bring me back
the light,
the sleep of the nite

i close my eyes
Numbers flash
in my eyes
why did i every meet you
explain me why

if i had a hammer
i would break my comp
this nite
Digital PR…who created you
and tell me why
as i curse thy
u stay in ur coffin
even as the hell
burns to ash

and now gudnite

Dare to Dream and become one…

Bored of regular Careers like doctors, engineers and layers… Take a break and follow your heart, be different and refreshing.

“What is your dream job, Poo?” I asked her as I accompanied her in the dark alley to the girl’s hostel on a fine summer night. And after a few moment of silence she said “I want to open a strip club in Vegas. It’s going to be a family business with my cousins and I would name the club, ‘Dua’s the Dhaba’.”

Although dreams remain a dream and Poo, living in reality, is completing her third year B.A at St. Xavier’s in Mumbai.

The Indian society has always been very rigid when it comes to labour division – the system of Varna and Jati. And according to the hindu script there are four varna the Brahmins (teachers, scholars and priests), the Kshatriyas (kings and warriors), the Vaishyas (traders), and Shudras (agriculturists, service providers, and some artisan groups). Another group excluded from the main society was called Parjanya or Antyaja. The Brahmins and the Kshatriyas were the respectable lots in the society as there were intellectuals and Parjanya or Antyaja were the Untouchables or Dalits.

Although the caste system has faded away, jobs requiring intellects are till more respectable than others career. For example, doctors, engineers, lawyer, soldiers etc. Similarly even between the sexes male members are expected to take more risk where as women are expected to do jobs related to home – cooking, cleaning, washing or raising children or teaching them.

Any career not inline with the societies set standard will be a bone of contingent among the family members. “I was good in sketching and from fifth standard I wanted to become a tattoo artist, but my parent were against the idea so I took a loan from the bank and my friend stood as a guarantee.”  Said Als Alva, a tattoo artist and a painter.

Not blaming his parents for there rigid thinking Als said “They did what they though was best for me.” With the raise in literacy rate people are become more aware about the world and other opportunities. To be different you have to choose different and dare to be called different. Very few people have what it takes to be different and choose out of the box career for themselves. Although comparatively a large number of youngsters are now taking up off beat professions like DJ or VJ, bartending, massagers, stylist etc.

So we decided to look at one such out of the box careers which are becoming popular among the youth or the Gen “X”.


He winked at me and said, “This is for you” and tossed two Bacardi bottle up in the air and continued with his chore. My eyes glued to the bottles as they spun in the air rising to the roof (nearly missed getting smashed). Meanwhile he strained the divine liquid into a tall, elegant Martini glass and some Vodka for himself. With a “cheers!” he gulped his vodka and caught the bottles just in time as they came down. Eeewwwww!

He moved on to take orders of other customers at the bar. Recovering from the shock I sipped my Martini.

This is the modern day bartenders – smart, young, handsome with notorious eyes.

Bartenders (also commonly called the barman/barmaid, barkeeper, mixologist, and tapster) serve beverages behind a bar, pub, tavern, or similar establishment. It is not about spending long hours serving cranky customers in sleazy bars, while earning peanuts in return, but it is a passion. It involves a lot of skills. One needs to find out innovative ways of serving drinks. The catch here is to break monotony in serving.

Bartending is an art. It is imperative to understand that bartending is not just about juggling, rightly known as flaring glasses or bottles in the air to entertain crowds. A combination of competence in mixology and flair makes for a good bartender. Mixology is the art of comprehending which drink has what flavours, finding the right balance, texture, colour and understanding the use of the apt glassware.

“Today, bartending is more than serving drinks at the bar. It’s about mesmerizing the customer and inducing them to buy more drinks. They should be devils in an angelic way, notorious but harmless.” says Pranav Thakkar, a faculty member at Cocktails & Dreams.

And if you have seen Coyote Ugly by David McNally you know what I am talking about.

Although one can say there is not much of money in this profession. A trainee bartender gets paid about Rs 2500 – 3500 in a restaurant and about Rs 4500 in a five-star hotel and most rely on tips to help pay the bills. Pranav said, “There is no money but it has tips running into four or five digits at times plus a directory full of ‘chicks’ numbers. What else would a bartender want?” After gaining a few years of experience and developing some contacts, you can freelance for private parties.

Dominic Costabir, Director, Hospitality Training Institute quoted that “In the earlier days, bartenders had to be teetotalers. That was the basic criteria for recruitment, but not anymore”.

What are the criterions for Bartending?

  • Age: one should ideally be between the ages of 21 to 30 to be a bartender.
  • Language: One must be fluent in English and the local language to communicate with the customers.
  • One should be pleasant, hospitable and should have a pleasant personality.
  • Should be notorious in a harmless way.
  • Should be hard-working and must have passion for bartending.

There are quite a few institutes in India which train individuals to become bartenders. Hotel management schools teach bartending as part of the Food and Beverage Service subject. The backdrop is that the subject is dealt very superficially and not many practical sessions are impaired. Therefore a specialized course is much preferred. These institutes offer short and long-term courses ranging anywhere between 15 days to a year, with the fee somewhere between Rs 7,500 to about 95,000, depending on the duration and the content

S no Name of the Academy Address
1 Cocktails and Dreams School of Bar and Beverage Management

B – 4 / 223, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi
Phone: 011-51650049

5&8, Shiv Shakti, Above M.G. Jewellers, 2nd Flr. 4th Rd.

Khar(W) Mumbai 52

Mobile:9920245747 / 989277842

2 Shaken and Stirred

19, Infantry Road,
Phone: 99455 40444
3 B’ Maan School of Bartending

6, 1st floor, 4th Cross Street
Sterling Road,
Numngambakkam, Chennai
Phone: 98416 22466
4 Johnnie Walker bartending academies Tulleeho Portals Pvt. Ltd.
69 Aram Nagar 2, Machlimar, Versova,
Mumbai 61.
Tel.: 022-32655642 Mob: 9920151971

However this profession is assumed to be male dominated. Shathbi Basu a faculty member of STIR Academy of Bartending, has long shattered the myth that bartending is only a man’s domain and has in fact redefined bartending for both men and women. Although there are not many female stepping into the field as technically, legislation does not permit women to serve alcohol behind the bar (accept in Delhi and Mumbai). Also safety of women behind bar is a concern for most, including parents, who simply cannot fathom their daughters mixing alcohol in a pub or a restaurant.

Cocktails and Dreams School of Bar and Beverage Management have few girls in the term and on asking the faculty member, he said “Yes the safety of girls is my concern. Whenever I sent girls to parties to bartend then I make sure they are accompanied with enough guys, so that if the situations worsen then boys can take over from them and they are escorted to there home.”

Now you might ask that what are the other options besides being a bartend? Well if you don’t what to be a bar man in the pub then –

  • Freelancers usually bartend for specific occasions and parties, work part-time, preferring to study or work in other fields simultaneously
  • A cruise liner holds excellent prospects and is a lucrative option too. You might be working nine months a year and traveling wherever the ship goes.
  • Once you are well entrenched in the field, you can even become a consultant like Basu and help set up a bar, design pubs
  • Many even go abroad like UK or Dubai to work in some of the best bars and hotels after a two-year stint in Indian hotels, as the exposure and the pay package is better
  • The option of being a lecturer to train youngsters aspiring to be bartenders can also be left open.
Some new careers…

  1. Celebrity manager: even stars need managers. The good part of this career is that you are as important as the celebrity themselves and also get a fair-share of glamour. As a manager your job would be to look after celebrity’s household, arrange his parties, fix their dates for the shot, make there schedules and other task to take care of the celebrity. To become a celebrity manager you need to be trained in public relation. Certificate in Mass Communication can give you an edge over others. Tanuja Mehra is a media relation manager for Preity Zinta.
  2. Tattoo Artist: Tattoo is an upcoming field. People are getting bolder in the way they express themselves and tattoos are seen as the boldest way of expressing. Although the Saif and Kareena tattoo issue, has given lot of free publicity to tattooing but there is no institution proving any formal course in the art of tattoos. Owner of ALS studio, Als Alva a tattoo artist and painter had to go to abroad to get formal training in tattooing.
  3. Piercing Artist: “There area a lot of nerve in the body and you can’t pierce the wrong one.” Als said when I asked him what kind of training does one require for being a piercing artist. The ALS studio is opening Piercing Academy in Colaba soon. So I would say wait and watch.
  1. Nail Painting: if you are good with colours and you have an upper hand in drawing then nail painting is also an out of the box career for you.

Single woe

Lucky are those

who have someone

to love, to care;

to speak, to share;

to touch, to feel;

The intimate intricacies

The lover’s delight,

two bodies and one soul.

The touch so pure,

even a stars glow.

The words humming light,

the body shivers when tight.

If you really care,

Adventure lies ahead.

Be careless ,

the nightmare leashes.

The heart beat for

that one exception,

it believes.

Other are destroyed for eternity.