Enough room for mistakes…

A mistake here and a mistake there…

Open the door

Another mistake awaits

Blunder, inaccuracy, defaults are the other words, they say…


“Oh my god! The world is a mistake”

Yet the General says,

“No room for mistakes”

Then how should ‘miss perfect’ learn from other mistakes?


Name a person, I say

Who hasn’t added more mistakes everyday?

And I shall bless thy with the past life mystery…


Fools and Moron are those

Who say, “Na! me not made for mistakes”


Dear sir, hear me once and for all…

Very nook and corner of my room

Has a mistake… and

I arnt scared of error, the synonym dictionary says

I only wait for the time

When I can buy a bigger room and fill it with more mistakes




  1. sandeep · February 15, 2011

    mistakes r meant 2 be corrected n not 2 be made again….
    n remember never make a person feel tat ur nothing but a mere mitake..

    • moyna16 · February 16, 2011

      I agree with you but mistakes are a very important part of ‘us’ … they define us and strengthen us with time … what i am saying here is not being scared of mistakes…make new once and learn from them….

      I think you need to read the poems more carefully to understand its meaning…

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