Four walls

Knock knock…is that where I am

Four walls around me

Define the way

I ought to be

The tears in my eyes

The freedom flies by

The books I want to read

Are empty…

Written somewhere

Is what the four walls want me to be

Don’t ask me why I live in the four walls

I have no option

The phone bells rings

And my mind refuses to ink

The call signifies the walls

But I want to fly

Will the walls understands

The heart that fly

Paves ways to nothing at all

The need to sing

Is now dead




  1. sandeep · February 15, 2011

    if u wanna fly then nobody can stop u ,neither calls nor walls
    earlier walls were made 2 build up homes n houses but now they only symbolises restriction n division

    break ur walls n fly in the sky…….

  2. moyna16 · February 16, 2011

    Again read the poem with open eyes…i know that the wall restrict me but then they are a home, security, love and care to me.

    The ration of negative:positive is 1:4 and that is why i am not flying away…

    I must tell u poem are very tricky…read them atleast 3 times before you think u have understood them

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