Happy Chocolate Day


The shivering lip crave for the heavenly delight

The dark lord making love to the creamy white

The sweet-sour strawberries, for the heart content

What else would I want for this festive night


Treat not only for the eyes,

But all six senses sing alike

The rich coco treat

Decorated in front of me…


A piece of rich chocolate cake or

The creamy dark moose

Death by chocolate

Is all I was hoping for…


But nothing to beat the chocolate avalanche

Chocolate fudge, biscotti, eclair, cake

All in one


The heart that wants

Nothing more than chocolate

The ardent lover and follower

Bows to the darkest


The bitter coco beans

Makes the heart sink

The warmth that spreads

Is a feeling to cherish…

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One comment

  1. sandeep · February 18, 2011

    i luv chocolates 2

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