From today, DNA does away with the edit page

Aditya Sinha, Editor-in-Chief


For years, many of you have felt that the newspaper edit page has long outlived its usefulness. It’s boring, very few read it, and it’s a chore to fill. It’s more punditry than expert comment. It’s become a single-page editorial ghetto; and that makes little sense in this TV/mobile/web age where you’re looking for more news validation and analysis.
Thus, DNA has decided to do away with its edit page.
This does not mean DNA will shun analysis: after all, it’s part of our title. Instead, DNA will give you more comment, spread across the paper. For instance, today we have articles by experts on Mumbai, on corruption and on the China-US presidential meeting. Each will appear on a different news page. Otherwise, they’d appear on three consecutive edit pages. DNA will give you more comment in the days to come; you’ve already seen it in the Money section, and you will even see it on the Sport pages. And it will all be interesting.
DNA is doing away with the “leaders”, the 400-word unsigned editorials. Instead, as and when a news event warrants a stand by DNA, it will appear on page 1.
The letters to the editor remain. They remain an important interactive forum and will now appear on page 2.
DNA believes the newspaper is a work in progress. Unless it evolves, it will become irrelevant. We are confident you will support our efforts at modernising journalism and staying ahead of the times.

—Aditya Sinha, Editor-in-Chief


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